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Book Review: JesusWalk : Beginning the Journey: Discipleship & Spiritual Formation Lessons by Ralph F. Wilson

JesusWalk Beginning the Journey Discipleship & Spiritual Formation Lessons

JesusWalk : Beginning the Journey: Discipleship & Spiritual Formation Lessons by Ralph F. Wilson is book focused on new believers just starting their walk with Jesus. Dr. Ralph F. Wilson explains why discipleship is key to growth in any one. But any one who walks with Jesus can learn something in this book.  Each lesson has a reading, a prayer, a memory verse and questions. This book has 12 lessons: Rescue-Grace and Forgiveness, Disciple-Following Jesus Daily, Temptations-Getting Victory over Sin, Fellowship- Connecting to a Community of Christians, Love- The Core of Christianity, Gospel- Understanding Christ’s Story, Holy Spirit, The Power of God’s Presence, Witness- Sharing Your Faith, Worship- Communing with God, Generosity and Service- Love in Action, Bible- Guidebook for Living, Lord- Obedient Servants of the King. This book also has an appendix with four parts: The Role of the Mentor, For Pastors and Church Leaders, How to Select a Bible, Discipleship Resources. I recommend this book to anyone seeking to learn about discipleship.



Im a stay at home, homeschooling mom of six awesome kids. But for fun on the side like doodles in the margin, I like to sew, edit books, design websites, make homeschool resources, study Biblical dream interpretation, decorate cakes, and make pinatas along with many other things including graphic design. I love books and researching. There is always something to learn.

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